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“Working with Gomez at Orgone is a very relaxed and easy going experience, which lends itself to a lot of natural creative energy. He’s always on the hunt for suitable classic analogue and contemporary gear, which he is constantly building on. His collection is becoming as much a feast for the eyes, as it is the ears.”

Lee Dorrian – Cathedral

“It was a real pleasure to work with Gomez, He is is a real perfectionist and genuinely cares about the bands he works with. Also, Orgone has a great desk, a great live room in a great part of U.K”

Nick Holmes – Paradise Lost

“Gomez has a great studio and technical prowess straddling the best end of analogue and modern digital forms… it rubs me the right way when an engineer insists bouncing through the tape machine. A pleasure to work in Orgone.”

Stephen O’Malley – Sunn o)))

“Gomez has become our main sparring partner in mixing and mastering in recent years. We first got together during our Orgone tracking session for “Wars of the Roses,” back in 2010 and really hit it off. We share a lot of preferences when it comes to music, sound and the recording/producing of it; and if we are in doubt about things, we always run it by him – and/or sometimes vice versa. It’s become an effective production dynamic basically, one we are very grateful for.”

Kristoffer Rygg – Ulver

“Being a musician makes it easier to understand musicians, knowing when to persevere or quit with an idea is a skill, knowing when everyone needs a night off is a rare attribute but also pride in putting ones name to a project means you go through all the fights toe to toe. We did all that.”

Alan Averill – Primordial